Data-driven precision medicine

Finding and helping patients with undiagnosed or undertreated cardiovascular diseases

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Tempus builds computational tools and AI-enabled solutions to help clinicians intelligently identify and treat patients with diagnostic and care gaps. There are millions of patients in the US across a range of cardiovascular diseases who would benefit from proactive disease identification and management to improve outcomes e.g.

  • Atrial Fibrillation: ~700K patients in the US with undiagnosed disease 
  • Heart Failure: ~4M patients in the US not on Guideline Directed Medical Therapy (GDMT)

Partner with us:

Tempus Air™ is a platform that will enable healthcare systems to add an ‘intelligent layer’ onto routinely generated data, to find appropriate patients for proactive care and disease management. AIR ingests multimodal data, runs AI-based algorithms and surfaces insights for care teams to evaluate and action.

We are partnering with the entire healthcare ecosystem to build, validate and deploy data-driven solutions to help improve the under-diagnosis and under-treatment of cardiovascular diseases. To learn more, contact us at [email protected] 

Connect with us at AHA Scientific Sessions at booth #2606.