Member Connect

An online gathering place for Association Members

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Member Connect

Welcome to Member Connect- an online gathering place for Association Members. Modeled after our First Friday art events that showcase a city’s artistic community and allow people a unique opportunity to interact with artists in a social atmosphere. Member Connect will focus on the breadth and depth of knowledge available to members through the association’s thought leaders and editors.  A combination of live and recorded education and networking will allow members to connect with one another and engage with experts, live.

Benefits include:

  • Builds and reinforces a sense of community among members. Also reinforces the importance of the association and the benefits of membership
  • Live education and networking events allowing members to connect, engage and learn from each other and experts.
  • Provides exhibitors and sponsors a tool to connect and engage with their target market.
  • Reinforces the importance of association membership.
  • Introduces a new revenue stream with good potential for growth.
  • No drain on association resources as the workload can be handled by Ascend
  • Aids in revenue generation in a year with predictably less revenue tied to meeting-related elements.

Member Connect Approaches:

  • Multiple live panel discussions by channel on a bi-weekly schedule. 
  • Live/pre-recorded releases of guidelines, clinical topics, or special reports. 
  • Pre-recorded 10-minute sessions on education topics. 
  • Live or “chat” Q&A with speakers. 
  • 20-second videos submitted by authors to preview member magazines and journals. 
  • Readers submit microlearning content (short how-to’s).